Anger Management

Mature Content
This video is not for children!
This video may contain spoilers

Anger Management is our 8th AMV. Drama. It combines a lot of the technical elements and skills we learned while cutting our teeth on more simplistic projects.

Perfect Blue, a Japanese animated film directed by Satoshi Kon. A pretty crazy movie, which fits very well with the song.

Anger Management is by Lovage, a collaborative band of very talented people including Mike Patton and Jennifer Charles for vocals, and coordinated by Dan The Automator (aka Nathaniel Merriweather). If you enjoy this song, go out and buy the album “Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By”. :)

Created: 7/2003

Best Technical – Anime Weekend Atlanta 9 (Professional), 2003
Best Video – Anime Weekend Atlanta 9 (Professional), 2003
Fluxmeister’s “Wonderfully Creepy Award” – AWA 9 VAT Award

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