Escape from Zany’s Baking Company

Check out our entry into the IFP Phoenix 48 Hour Film Challenge for 2013, celebrating their 10th anniversary!

Renowned chef Jordan Tamsey visits “Zany’s Baking Company” on his hit show “Epic Kitchen Fails.” After meeting the bizarre couple that own the restaurant, including the head chef, Zany, Jordan Tamsey becomes increasingly confused by their actions. When he refuses to chow down on Zany’s “home-made” muffins, he’s locked up in their dry food storage shed. Can Jordan Tamsey escape from Zany’s Baking Company before it’s too late? Find out!

Escape from Zany’s Baking Company from Studio Gaijin on Vimeo.

Our video was created with the help of many talented people!

Cast (in order of appearance)

Sally: Ashlee Renee
Zany: Teri Frost
Hammy: Dipak Panchal
Jordan Tamsey: Adam Anderberg
Bridgette: Anna Sahlstrom
Diner #1: Michelle Maze
Diner #2: Raquel Siders

Directed by Shawn Esplin
Produced by Shawn Esplin & Teri Frost
Written by Andrew Keil
Cinematography by Andrew Keil
Edited by Shawn Esplin & Aymi Andrews
Music by Tony Noyes

Gaffer: Steve Varnell
Sound Operator: Aaron Beaubien
Boom: Ryan Purcell
Grip: Thomas Oliver
Set Photographer: Kyle Kostric
Production Assistant: Tanya Backer
Makeup: Raquel Siders & Manda Wolf
Craft Service: Lauri Hunter Mershon

Special Thanks To
Kyle & Kirsten Huebsch at the Cave Creek Smokehouse Grill & Pour House

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