George, an out of work young clown, struggles to deal with his anger issues. Though he tries to force happiness on himself and others, his issues with his sister, Tina, are too much for him to bear. He recounts a violent fight with his sister to his psychologist in this gripping dark comedy with a twisted ending that won’t leave you Smiling.

Smiling from Studio Gaijin on Vimeo.

Directed by Shawn Esplin
Produced by Shawn Esplin & Aymi Andrews
Screenplay by Andrew Keil
Cinematography by Andrew Keil
Edited by Shawn Esplin & Aymi Andrews
Music by Shawn Esplin
Running Time 5:00

Andres Galindo – George
Barry Lewis – Dexter
Ashlee Renee – Tina

Aaron Beaubien – Assistant Director
Josh Martin – Gaffer
Kyle Kostric – Boom
Manda Wolf – Makeup
Lauri Hunter Mershon – Craft Service

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