Encountering more than dirty highways and dusty trails, a hitchhiker braves the desert seeking an unknown fortune hidden in the wilderness. Is he driven mad by greed? What is buried under those sun-baked rocks?

Shiny from Studio Gaijin on Vimeo.

Directed by Shawn Esplin
Produced by Aymi Andrews
Written by Aymi Andrews
Cinematography by Shawn Esplin
Edited by Shawn Esplin & Aymi Andrews
Music by Shawn Esplin

Director’s Statement

This short film was another learning opportunity for me. Working with a small cast and crew, and limited equipment, poses a set of unique challenges. These Film Challenges are a great way to practice and make sure we can complete projects. I look forward to the next one!

Shawn Esplin has been working with film and video for over 10 years. His interests include music, movies, art, and editing – among many other things.

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